Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sonar Sensor

I put together the Sonar Sensor today.
Connect at 96008N1. It will output R### where the #'s are the distances in inches at about 20Hz. (Check calibration and timing on this) Minrange is about 6 inches, max range should be to about 15 feet.

Play with this in Hyperterminal first.

Everything is soldered except the connect to the USB to TTL. Be sure to connect the BLACK wire on the end of the connector to +5 on the CP2102 USB to TTL connector. Hot glue the connector in place and add some hotglue on the wires on the EZ1 board. I did had a noise suppression Cap into the inverter circuit so the serial should be relatively noise free. (IE don't get rid of my connector!)

Andy/Brian (or both) work on some code to get the robot to travel forward until within 20cm of an obstacle and then stop. Next would be have the platform turn until it detects an obstacle, move toward the obstacle once detected and then stop when at 20cm.

More details on how it is put together at:

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