Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10th 2011

Summary of activities:

GPS usage was discussed.
  • Andy attached his laptop to the platform and sent drive and turn signals.
  • It was discovered that vex motors can be controlled by the servo control board.
  • A Vex battery charger was disassembled to understand the complexity of the electronics necessary to charge a Ni-Cad battery.
  • The batteries used for the Rock crawler were identified to be Li-Po type (Lithium-ion Polymer)
  • A project on the make website was found which details the construction of a Li-Po charge kit for $10
  • Andy disassembled the Vexplorer wireless camera to see if the data feed could be used to inform the Magellan platform.
  • The compass GUI program was hacked to the fewest lines of code necessary to feed the data into a larger program.
  • Identified goals for presentation of the bot at the first 99 meeting

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