Tuesday, January 4, 2011

GPS data

The highlighted data stream has the Prefix of $GPGGA.
This prefix denotes that the stream in question is a fix.
Experimenting with the Pharos GPS-500 developed problems with my OS. There were some permissions problems... I will not go into the details.
Anyway, The data is sometimes junk and comes out looking like its in Russian, but sometimes its useful data.
The first number, 195827.782, is a time stamp for the data feed. The time is formatted to Greenwich Mean Time or UTC.
The second number, 3403.0995, is the latitude. The number represents 34 degrees, 03.0995 represents minutes.
The following letter, N, represents that the latitude is north of the equator.
the third number, 11751.1995, is the longitude, same format as the latitude.
The following letter, W, shows that the measurement is west of the prime meridian.

The Data is better if the GPS is run outside, and I think the next step is to get a map in place and follow the data from there.

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  1. Looks good. It seems like you are reading the raw streams off the gps ok. I would suggest that you get the parsing working next (IE separate out the time, Lat and Long into individual variables)
    The sample code I linked to should address this.

    Another thing for the to do list. We will need the Lat and Long of the test field corresponding to the image I posted earlier. I suppose you can look this up, or take the gps to the field and record the values.