Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 18, 2015


It turns out the GPS problems yesterday was due to activating NMEA child messages instead of just GxGGA messages when checking if the GPS was getting latitude and longitude. Also, the repeating latitude and longitude is due to printing the lat and long before an actual refresh of the GPS data. We found this out from putting our print statement information on an excel sheet and noticing that the lat and long output from parseGPS and were different. The GPS does not refresh regularly. Other than this, we ran the course and saw similar behavior as last week, where the robot was going in odd directions, which can be attributed to the inconsistent GPS as well as bad GPS data (sometimes the GPS will output -2.XX e^-XX for lat and long).  We have not checked if it is the heading that was wrong, though we have calibrated it before and worked fine when doing testFindCone.

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