Thursday, February 12, 2015

February 12


Similar to yesterday, there was interference with working the Magellan platform due to two problems. The first was that the wireless on the tablet kept crashing, and started to work after repeated restarts. Though it took a long time for the tablet to recuperate and connect to wireless, this problem seems integral to the win-tablet's own hardware specs. Second, more importantly, was the Communication Ports (COM ports) of the IMU, Telemetry, and GPS were switching and the hub itself was repeatedly connecting/disconnecting while attempting to run any code. Tomas, Ariel, Robert, and I determined that we must change the current hub and FTDI serial connection set up because of the fickle behavior. At the end of the day, Tommy and I were able to get the IMU communicating with the Arduino Mega, borrowed from the VEX room, but unsuccessfully returning Telemetry. Both members agreed that the Telemetry and the GPS must be on it's own modules because the GPS must be detectable by UCenter, the GPS software of choice, and the Telemetry because it must read from the USB serial instead of print to like the IMU, Sonar, Econder, or Bumper modules.

    -Change HUB and FTDI serials
    -Fix the getting close to cone from a couple feet away
    -Fine-Tune turn parameters
    -Integrate code from testFineCone to RobotControlBuilder2 afteward
    -Run Full Course

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