Monday, February 7, 2011

Up periscope

Here is the new look for the robomagellan platform:

The shell has had a couple of modifications: First, the magnet sensor has been moved up several inches. Andy claims that the proximity to the laptop caused magnetic interferance, so he attached a board to the sensor and gave the platform a central periscope. I felt that the sensor was too exposed, and returned it to its project box, but utilized the wooden board to raise the whole box up into the air.The kill switch has been giving us trouble... read Andy's previous post for more info on that. So I thought the best solution was to extend the receiving antenna with some extra wire. I wrapped a double wire around the exterior of a carbon composite tube to create a helical antenna.

The range on the kill switch appears to be greater, but we will have to test it in the field to be sure.

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