Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CORE comes back with Silver

After a grueling competition, our Robomagellan platform took second place. The motor controller burnt out on our second to last run, and we were unable to identify the problem before the competition finished. The gold medal went to UCLA's GLaDOS project, which has taken the gold at robogames for the past 3 years. It is unfortunate to lose, but to lose to a worthy opponent brings knowledge instead of shame.

Above: from left to right: Brian Walker, Andy Gabriel, Gabriel Chou.

Here is the platform in its moment of glory. It strikes me that most robots have names, because calling it the platform repeatedly is unpalatable. I suggest that Mt. SAC's entry be referred to as Ferdinand, in honor of the explorer for whom the contest is named.

Next year we will be coming back with more robust hardware, and more advanced navigation software, so GLaDOS might have its work cut out for it.

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