Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To Do Tasks 12/14/2010

We spoke previously about tasks for you guys to tackle on the robomagellan project in preparation for getting started. I will summarize to the best of my understanding and perhaps add a few more.

Tasks for everyone.

Install the following python software:
  1. Python 2.6.6
  2. pyserial for 2.6
  3. pygame for 2.6
Install the following Embedded programming software:
  1. Arduino 0021

1. Breadboard, test and build the remote kill switch.
2. Get the joystick working with pygame using the sample code I posted. Go through and comment the code to show you understand what it is doing.
3. Use pygame to display a map of the area we will be testing. We will be using a park area on campus on the east side of the ag compound. The following image is from google maps.
4. Create an image of the robot on the map that you can move around using the robot. The next step will be to integrate this with the GPS info. I think I have another usb GPS floating around that you can play with.

1. Document all the network stuff that you have done on this site. Make sure all the libraries listed above are installed on the netbook and remove any old versions etc.
2. I will drop off an Arduino board for you to play with. When you get it work through the tutorials here: http://www.ladyada.net/learn/arduino/
3. Take a look at the code here AFTER the tutorials where I demonstrate using interrupts. http://profmason.com/?p=1455. Play with the hardware you have to make this work.

1. Test the various code I posted on my website about each of the devices. (GPS, compass, IMU)
2. Review this overview paper. http://www.genesys-offenburg.de/archiv/iss/inertial.htm
2. Take a look at this project and implement it: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/15688
The picture at the bottom is especially instructive. It solves several of the problems addressed in the overview paper. Be sure to follow the link. You will have to change the channels on the IMU since ours is slightly different but other wise the code should just drop in.
3. Align one of the axis of the gyro with the compass physically. (More velcro?) Plot the gyro data over a long time span (~30 seconds) measure the drift. Write some code on the PC in python to correct the gyro drift based on the compass reading.


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